Friday 13 June 2014

76084 Shed Allocations

I'm really passionate about steam locomotive Motive Power Depot books and am always looking for possible additions to my library. And of course there is always the hope that I might find some new fact about 76084 that has gone unreported elsewhere.

Imagine my disappointment recently when I picked up a book hardbacked to boot all about Standard Locomotives Shed Allocations which listed 76084's first depot as Skipton. This immediately put doubt in my mind that I had got it wrong on the website. (see 76084's BR Service page). You'll notice that 76084 on our listing went to Lancaster Green Ayre before Skipton anyway. 

So how could I verify we have the right facts?

There is a brilliant resource on the internet that I will always recommend to anyone doing research on British steam locomotives. It is the 'Complete BR Locomotive Database 1948-1997'. And what does it say for our beloved 76084?

The complete information held for 76084 is here which is identical to our own website - PHEW! 76084 did go to Lower Darwen when new in April 1957. But YOU knew that didn't you?

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  1. I thought was good. Today it proved absolutely brilliant. I didn't realise it carries shed allocations from which I have been able to add a few more facts to 76084's History page. Have a look here >>