Sunday 21 February 2016

Winter Maintenance 2016 Week 2 Day 5

Sorry this is 2 days after the event but am now returned home and been somewhat busy with other matters. 
Our last day was memorable for a number of reasons:

  1. We had a visit from 92 year old Alex Scott who we met in the pub last night (Thursday). He had us in stitches with his less than politically-correct jokes and enthralled by his railway tales. On his visit to the Workshops he brought us each a copy of his book which we wanted him to sign but had to settle for a group photo with him in the centre.
  2. The steam brake cylinder having been refitted the connecting rod was put back in place. On the floor of the pit it looked almost harmless but trying to fit it was heavy work.
  3. Dave and Mel refitted and connected up the mechanical lubricators. Priming the systems then followed. I learnt that on lubricator does the cylinders and the other the motion with different types of oil going into each.
  4. The new fire hose water pipework on the tender was primed with black primer early doors then given a gloss coat by Ken, one of the NNR volunteers.
  5. Adrian Vaughan visited the Workshops with his camera (film not digital) and I nearly photobombed his shot of work in the Machine Shop. I was told by Paul our fitter in a quiet voice who he was when he walked in and Paul used very reverential tones exuding much respect. I've since been in touch with Adrian and obtained some of his superb monochrome 76084 related images.
  6. Nicky, another of the NNR volunteers, came to say goodbye to us and brought some chocolate mini-rolls to sweeten the parting.
  7. Some of us caught the crossing of service trains around 2:30 pm at the same time meeting an avid reader of this blog and witnessing how territorial male Robins are about their patch.
  8. Back to the engine and the underkeeps that had been soaking in oil were refitted
  9. I finished the greasing of all the 100 (approx.) moving parts of the loco that needed doing ticking them off on an outline diagram of the loco.
  10. The tender springs were given a quick top coat of paint.
  11. It took several of us to refit the protector plate behind the drawhook which protects an AWS magnet from the damaging swing of the front screw coupling.
  12. Parts of the smokebox self-cleaning screens were fitted by Paul.
92 year old Alex Scott in the centre stands by 76084 in Weybourne Workshops with Roger Norris on his right and John Riley on his left.
A few jobs remain before 76084 can return to traffic but they are now in the capable hand of the NNR engineers. I'm looking forward to the Steam Gala in a couple of weeks time that should see a bevy of engines performing with 76084 amongst them.
We met up with members of the NNR Management Team in the evening to celebrate a good week's work over a homely meal in the Tynesider Club before moving on to finish off the Jameisons in the Lobster Inn. 
Thank you, Sheringham for putting up with us for a week and the staff at Weybourne for making us welcome amongst you.

Thursday 18 February 2016

Winter Maintenance 2016 Week 2 Day 4

I've spent a lot of time on the tender this week. Today I painted the axles (again) as well as giving the newly installed springs a quick coat of gloss. I've primed some new pipework underneath and grease all round.
Elsewhere the steam brake has been installed with help from the NNR paid staff. The expansion motion system has been neatly put together by Mel Rutter. Dave Husband has been working in the smokebox and getting filthy for his troubles. Roger Norris has been doing fitting work and John Riley sorting out the sanding boxes.
We had a visit from new acquiantences met the night before in what is becoming our favourite watering hole, the Lobster Inn in Sheringham. Lucy and Andrew were most impressed with what the North Norfolk Railway is doing and more especially what 76084 Loco co Ltd is doing with our engine.
This evening we met up with a 91 year old driver called Alex Scott who had us in ches with his tails of yesteryear. He has even fired on the Turbomotive (which will not mean much to many people but to those in the know is really something).
Last day tommorrow with lots to finish off. Will post lots of photos 

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Winter Maintenance 2016 Week 2 Day 3

Great progress today - all the loco springs have been refitted after much sweat and tears. The 'Springs Team' of John Riley, Roger Norris and (sometimes) Eric Bond have finally completed the arduous task of fitting 6 springs on the tender (easy peasy) and 6 springs on the loco (not so easy peasy).
Mel Rutter has fettled the steam brake with Dave Husband refitting the lubrication systems. Mel Chamberlain fitted the new front draw hook.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Winter Maintenance 2016 Week 2 Day 2

The Engineering Team have been busy today at Weybourne Workshops.
There have been lots of jobs done or started too many to list here but these are the highlights (or those jobs that I got personally involved in!!).

  • The loco was jacked at the front to enable the remaining springs to be refitted by Roger Noris, John Riley and Steve Greeno. 
  • The tender wheels have had white lines applied at 120 degrees on their rear surfaces as tyre slip indicators. 
  • The tender roller bearings have been filled with grease by John Oldcorn with help from his son Nat. 
  • I have painted the tender axles twice - once with primer and once with red undercoat.
  • Prep work has been done for the replacement of the front draw hook
  • and much more besides
We have had the help of nnr volunteers as well as the Workshop staff. The image shown here has Nicky Carter (volunteer) removing bolts form a cover whilst others manage to down a brew. Thanks Nicky and Ken for your efforts this afternoon. Tomorrow smokebox modifications so 76084 can claimto be 'SC' - self-cleaning.

Winter Maintenance 2016 Week 2 Day 1

This year's Winter Maintenance programme is a special one as we prepare for main line running in Spring. So in Week 1 all the springs on the loco and tende were removed for testing and where necessary repair. That's 12 springs which are quite heavy and at time of removal quite filthy.
The springs being tested and repaired were returned to Weybourne last week and are much cleaner. So I have got involved.
Led by Mel Rutter and Dave Husband, the Engineering Team in this instance is made up of John Riley and Roger Norris with input also from John Oldcorn. And me!!
After a briefing session in the Messroom at Weybourne on Sunday having delivered the new parts to the workshop Monday was the start of the real work. Introductions to the very friendly and helpful North Norfolk Railway workshop staff over John R, Roger and myself (The Spring Team) set to on the tender springs.We were later joined by Steve Greeno and NNR volunteers Nicky and Kieran. After one or two minor delays - one caused by me misplacing an important part around mid morning we had all 6 springs in place by mid-afternoon.
I couldn't tell you what the rest of the Team did on Day 1 but when we left at 17:45 for a well-earned shower and meal the mood of the Team was high so the Team Leaders were pleased with progress. The main line