Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New (to me) Photo of 76084 Discovered

I'm always looking for images of 76084 on the internet or in published works. New discoveries are getting few and far between these days but I made one recently.

Whilst browsing around a local antiques centre I came across a book that I had not previously seen by the late Robert Adley MP. I'm familiar with his book 'In Search of Steam' amongst other titles. So when I saw 'Out of Steam' by this author tucked in a corner on a bottom shelf my interest was piqued.

I always thumb through books of the latter days of British Railways steam in the hope of coming across that not-before-seen image or mention of 76084.

Imagine my surprise when I got to page 150 of 'Out of Steam' - the image there determined immediately I would have to buy the book. Stood between 44901 and 76084 in Barry Scrapyard was, as the book describes him, the Last Man of Steam, Dai Woodham. He is holding what looks like a drinks flask and is smiling for the camera and photographer, the author Robert Adley. This is the first image I have seen of our locomotive and Dai together. In fact, if you do a Google image search for Dai himself less than a handful are found.

I am now trying to get permission to utilise the image but it may take some while. Robert Adley is deceased, the book is out of print, the publishing house was taken over by Haynes, Haynes have no archive copy of the book to refer to and the last known address of his widow Jane was in the nineties and several J Adley's have themselves passed away since 1993.

Let's hope we are successful in getting permission to use the image. Unitl then you will have to find your own copy of 'Out of Steam - the Beeching years in hndsight' by Robert Adley (ISBN 1-85260-202-3). Good luck!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

76084 Returns on 21st

76084 has been in traffic for a whole year now and it is amazing how the time has flown by.

She has been out of action of late having undergone an annual inspection and had her paint job finished off. Yes, you read correctly - finished off.

When the timetable for her return to traffic was set for 13 July 2013 there were a multitude of considerations to take into account. One such was that the North Norfolk Railway's talented loco painter was on holiday for 2 weeks in the period leading up to 13/7. As much as could be done was on turning 76084 from a primed and undercoated machine into a shinny black ex-BR Standard 4. 

To the casual onlooker she was turned out well but something had not been completed - the varnish coating. To paint a machine that operates outdoors in all climates and generates copious amounts of heat in the process you have to put down several layers of first primer then undercoat then top coat and to protect it all at least a couple of coats of varnish.

Over the past couple of weeks that is just what has been happening to the business end of 76084 - having the top coat protected by varnish. So when she comes back into traffic next Monday (fingers crossed) she will look really well. 

Let us have some photos if you are fortunate to be in her presence. I will have to content myself with the NNR's webcams.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tender Water Gauge Fitted

 76084 has been running for almost a year without a tender water gauge. It doesn't sound much but not knowing the water level in the tender makes operations somewhat uncertain.
Frequent stops at the water tower to ensure she is topped up has been the norm. Now 76084 need only visit the water tower as and when needed.

The water gauge was fitted during her annual examination by our 'Engineering Team' shown here in front of 76084. They are, from left to right, Mel Rutter, Mal Rutter and Dave Husband. Not in the pic was John Oldcorn who fitted the new laminate glass cab windows - a requirement of network rail for locos on the mainline.

Nice to know she passed her examination with some ease - all down to a quality restoration job. A big thank you from all of us armchair supporters. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

76084 Photographic Competition 2014

As the first anniversary of 76084's return to service after what the Railway Magazine recently referred to as a 'protracted' restoration it is time to take stock.

We have in recent years produced a '76084 Calendar' to raise fund during the protracted restoration. We still need funds for two of the three technologies needed to go mainline. We have successfully raised funds for and procured TPWS. Over the past year so many amateur and semi-professional photographers have taken stunning images of our pride and joy. We would like to put some of them in our 2015 Calendar and produce something that BR Standard enthusiasts at the very least would want to put up at home to view through 2015.

So we are launching our first 76084 Photograph Competition. Put simply:

  • The subject for the 76084 Photographic Competition 2014 is "76084 - her first year in preservation".  
  • Entries should be submitted electronically by via email to publicity@Standard4.com and must be 72 dpi and between 1MB and 5MB. Entrants should include their own name, address and telephone number in the email.  
  • Only one entry per person. 
  • Entrants must not be professional photographers
  • The competition closes at midnight on Friday 15 August 2014 

A  panel of judges will select a shortlist of 12 (the "Finalists") which, in their opinion, best illustrate our award-winning locomotive. 
They will consider a range of factors including composition, technical ability, originality and the commercial appeal of the photographs. The public will be invited to vote for the Finalist they like the best. That winner will receive a prize of 2 tickets for a 76084-hauled Diner Special. 

The Finalists will appear in the 76084 Calendar 2015, to be sold in aid of the Company’s ‘Go Mainline’ Appeal and the Finalists may also be published in the 76084 NEWS

The full terms and conditions for this competition can be downloaded from our website 

Whilst the prize is not substantial we hope that enthusiasts will be proud to see their work in our 2015 Calendar.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

76084 has a Speedo

76084 has been undergoing her annual examination at Weybourne and should now be in the Paintshop having some finishing touches before release back into traffic.

Whilst in the Workshop members of the 76084 Service Crew took the time to fit a speedometer to the wheels as in the top photo and the necessary gauge (clean one on the left) in the cab.

Yes, 76084 entered traffic last year without a speedo so it has until now been down to the experience of the driver to travel at no more than 25 mph on heritage railways. It has just dawned on me that the cab gauge is just above the Driver's position in the cab. Where else would it be??

Another interesting modification was performed - changing a cab plain window glass to laminate glass (as in car windscreens) in line with Network Rail's mainline requirements

Well done, Mel & Mal Rutter, Dave Husband and John Oldcorn. A great week's work.