Thursday 16 October 2014

The 'Firsts' Keep Happening for 76084

The Great Central Railway (GCR) is a heritage line with a difference. 

76084 being there as one of the operating fleet during October she is clocking up a number of 'firsts' since being restored and returned to traffic in July 2013.

  1. Operating on a 'mainline' - the GCR is Britain's only mainline heritage railway and you are transported back to the days of regular steam trains be they passenger or freight passing each other at speed rather than in passing loops with attendant token exchange.
  2. Pulling a Travelling Post Office - the Railway Vehicle Preservations set of operating TPO vehicles are a quality piece of railway restoration and 76084 has been privileged to be the motive power on 2 demonstrations during the Autumn Steam Gala which leads to the next 'first'. Video can be seen here.
  3. Running at 40 mph - the TPO demonstrations have to be done at a raised speed and the GCR is the only heritage line that can run at up to 75 mph compared to 25 mph on most heritage railways. So running at 40 mph on the TPO is another first.
  4. Windcutter train - the GCR is the home of this project and 76084 was again privileged to be motive power on one mineral wagon turn as can be seen here.
There are bound to be more 'firsts' on the Great Central. Have I missed any out? Of course, if you have ridden behind her at the GCR then it must have been a personal first.

If you haven't seen 76084 performing on the GCR then time is running out. She will be in service on the next 2 weekends before returning to the North Norfolk Railway to take part in their Santa season.

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  1. There is al least another 'first' to add to the list above - first time turned around on a turntable which happened on 20 October at Quorn & Woodhouse.