Wednesday 24 December 2014

Will 76084 go mainline in 2015?

76084 Locomotive Company Limited has been running a 'Go Mainline' Appeal for over a year now. What progress has been made?

Enough funding has been obtained through the sponsorship scheme to fit all the Train Protection & Warning System (Mainline Lite in some places) and almost all of the On-Train Monitoring and Recording System. Many of the parts are on order for these. The Company now need to push for GSM-R (Global System Mobile Communications - Railway) funding. With help from shareholders and supporters alike this can be achieved.

76084 has a Support Coach waiting in the wings for the day she hauls a mainline charter. 76084 has been allocated the TOPS running number 98484. Preparations are in hand to recruit a Support Crew near to the time she goes mainline.

So getting back to the question in the title. Knowing how these things pan out let's say mid-2015 for a mainline debut but it will be highly dependent on a number of things falling into place. So watch this space.

I'm frightened to book any holidays next summer as I want to be on the first charter she pulls. Can you help us get ALL the funding in place? Follow our '12 Days of Christmas' to see if there is something you could fund. 

See you on the mainline in 2015.

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