Monday 5 October 2015

76084 on Shap

We have come across an image from Colour Rail taken from a 35mm slide of a Standard 4 Mogul pulling 2 coaches on Shap. The title on the slide is '76084 on Shap' but is it really?

Reproduced here is the best quality resolution we could get and there appears to have been some photshopping on the image. What is the white area over the cabside number? It certainly is not steam! and there is a distinct change in colour/texture on the left steps where the overhead wires flash should be. Add the fact that there is not a second one on the right hand side and this author is led to believe some mis-representation has been going on. We are not pointing a finger at Colour Rail, far from it. This image has been taken from a slide as is. How do you alter 35mm slides without damaging them
Look closely at the smokebox number plate. What do you think the last 2 digits are? It could be a shedmate of '84. And do you know the working from the designation on the smokebox?

If anyone can throw any light on this or even help us 'join the dots' we would very much appreciate it.

As 76084 prepares to go main line there is some debate about loads she will be able to haul. We know she (almost) managed a 14 coach holiday train back in the day. The real pulling capacity of a Standard 4 Mogul has to be much less than that but certainly more than 2. Then again we are talking here of going over Shap.

Thoughts on a postcard or below please.

PS Our thanks to Colour Rail for allowing us to use this image in this way.

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