Tuesday 10 November 2015

Heroic Efforts by 76084

As 76084 approaches her main line debut, details of which are scant at present, a discussion has begun on how many coaches can a Class 4 locomotive haul. In the wider main line field there have been instances of late where even large Class 7 locos have come to grief and stalled due to combinations of circumstances. So it is important to establish 76084's load capabilities.

And so following the revelation that an article about 76084 appeared in a 2012 edition of Back Track magazine as discussed on the main website here, I set to to find myself a copy. I am something of a black hole when it comes to anything 76084 just swallowing up any titbits of information and always wanting to have the original magazine in my collection if 76084 is mentioned certainly if that mention is about British Railways days.

The article in question was actually revisited in a recent edition of the Keithley and Worth Valley Railway's house magazine 'Push & Pull' which brought it to the attention of several 76084 Loco Co Ltd shareholders who independently let me know about it. The author of the KWVR article also a 76084 shareholder sent me the text which allowed me to put the story on the main website.

So what do you think our example of a 'Pocket Rocket' can haul comfortably? 6 or 7 perhaps.

It's my personal opinion that again a certain set of circumstances came together in 1957 that really put 76084 to the test but was it? The BR Standard 4 2-6-0s were new to the area in 1957. Could it be that enquiring minds, possibly from the local Operating Department, wanted to see just what such a loco could achieve prior to accepting a batch into their fleet? 

Going back to the original article I searched hard for a copy of the relevant Back Track and eventually found one on eBay. Having paid for it the vender then informed me he hadn't kept his records up to date and the particular issue was no longer in stock. But the vender was one of the good sort and promised to source one for me and he DID. Ironically from Ingrow on the KWVR.

Now I'm happy on two counts. I know exactly what a BR Standard 4 can achieve and I've got the article in my collection as a record.

If you find anything about 76084 out there please do let me know about it - I do love these quests.

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