Monday 16 February 2015

The Full Picture

After the teaser of showing you just the bufferbeams and front steps of the 3 2-6-0 Standard 4's at Sutton Oak I thought you would like to see the BIG picture. 

So here it is:
Taken on 3rd July 1966 with from left to right 41286, 76078, 76084 and 76077. The last two, of course, still exist but in very different stages of restoration.

76084 still carries her 10H Lower Darwen shedcode as well as the text on her bufferbeam some 15 months after transferring to Sutton Oak.

Not one of the locos has their overhead wires warning flashes in the same formation/place!!

Thanks again to Peter Winstanley for providing this stunning image of 76084 and her sisters.

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