Thursday 21 May 2015

76084 and Shedplates

Did 76084 ever run with a shed code plate other than 24D or 10H for Lower Darwen?

An original 24D shedplate
When new 76084 carried 24D 'SC'. I have seen 'SC' referred to as the 'the Scottish connection' in comments on one photo showing 2 locos with 'SC' plates. On Guard's whistles for the Scottish Region they were stamped 'BR (Sc)' so I can see some confusion coming into play but 'SC' under a shedplate meant self-cleaning and was there in the early days of the technology to inform cleaners on shed not to bother emptying the smokebox of fly-ash as there wouldn't be any there.

Here is a shed plate with 'SC'
Just as an aside here we intend fitting the screens which makes a smokebox self-cleaning to 76084 prior to her running on the mainline. This addition will drastically reduce the likelihood of lineside fires from her exhaust which seems to be a problem for Network Rail in dry spells

Back to our main theme. 76084 went to two other North West sheds between early October 1958 and late March 1959 (totalling around 6 months) these being Lancaster Green Ayre and Skipton. We are about to share with you a photo of 76084 at Fleetwood which is far from being just another photo of a loco on shed and as such deserves to be the subject of another blog article. 76084 still carries 24D 'SC' in this 1958 photo. Moving on several years in 1966 when now at Sutton Oak, St. Helens, all her sisters from that shed had lost their 8G 'plates but 76084 still carried 10H.

When did she lose the 'SC'? Could it have been when at Lancaster (about 2 months total in 2 sessions) or Skipton (one 4 month stretch)? Did she ever run with 24J or 24G respectively? Or did the BR Midland Region management of the day plan not to take off the 24D 'plate as the periods at either shed were short or experimental?

What we do know is that eventually she wore 8G chalked or hand-painted on the smokebox before the short period at Wigan Springs Branch but never an 8G 'plate as they had all gone missing!!

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  1. Updates
    1) Bernard Bond saw 76084 on 21st May 1961 with a 24J shedplate in Great Harwood freight yard.
    2) Photo of her on Sutton Oak on Flickr shows her with an 8G shedplate or is it just chalk?