Thursday 21 May 2015

Mainline Gets Closer

We launched the 'Go Mainline' Appeal on the day 76084 returned to revenue earning service on the North Norfolk Railway. That was in July 2013.

We are pleased to announce that we have raised sufficient funds to install 2 of the 3 technologies needed.
  1. A Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) is a must on today's modern national railway system. TPWS has been around since rollout in 2003 and is attributed with significantly improving railway operational safety since its full roll-out in 2003.
  2. On-Board Train Monitoring and Recording (OTMR) provides a complete record of each state change of all monitored controls. Data recording takes place in a crash survivable memory module equivalent to a plane's 'Black Box', with journeys in excess of 24 hours duration easily accommodated. The data can is utilised for safety monitoring procedures and the analysis of operational performance.
Our last big push is to fund GSM-R - Global System for Mobile Communications-Railway which is an international wireless communications standard for railway communication and applications. It is used for communication between train and railway regulation control centres. The system can perform at speed without any communication loss. The train maintains a modem connection to the control centre at all times operating with higher priority than normal users. If the modem connection is lost, the train will automatically stop.

So. Please do have a look at our 'Go Mainline' Appeal page and see if there is something to sponsor that takes your fancy. Alternatively, you can donate, buy merchandise or even buy shares (joining the 76084 family).

let's get our 'Pocket Rocket' on the mainline in 2015.

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