Tuesday 1 July 2014

76084 has a Speedo

76084 has been undergoing her annual examination at Weybourne and should now be in the Paintshop having some finishing touches before release back into traffic.

Whilst in the Workshop members of the 76084 Service Crew took the time to fit a speedometer to the wheels as in the top photo and the necessary gauge (clean one on the left) in the cab.

Yes, 76084 entered traffic last year without a speedo so it has until now been down to the experience of the driver to travel at no more than 25 mph on heritage railways. It has just dawned on me that the cab gauge is just above the Driver's position in the cab. Where else would it be??

Another interesting modification was performed - changing a cab plain window glass to laminate glass (as in car windscreens) in line with Network Rail's mainline requirements

Well done, Mel & Mal Rutter, Dave Husband and John Oldcorn. A great week's work. 

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