Thursday 17 July 2014

76084 Returns on 21st

76084 has been in traffic for a whole year now and it is amazing how the time has flown by.

She has been out of action of late having undergone an annual inspection and had her paint job finished off. Yes, you read correctly - finished off.

When the timetable for her return to traffic was set for 13 July 2013 there were a multitude of considerations to take into account. One such was that the North Norfolk Railway's talented loco painter was on holiday for 2 weeks in the period leading up to 13/7. As much as could be done was on turning 76084 from a primed and undercoated machine into a shinny black ex-BR Standard 4. 

To the casual onlooker she was turned out well but something had not been completed - the varnish coating. To paint a machine that operates outdoors in all climates and generates copious amounts of heat in the process you have to put down several layers of first primer then undercoat then top coat and to protect it all at least a couple of coats of varnish.

Over the past couple of weeks that is just what has been happening to the business end of 76084 - having the top coat protected by varnish. So when she comes back into traffic next Monday (fingers crossed) she will look really well. 

Let us have some photos if you are fortunate to be in her presence. I will have to content myself with the NNR's webcams.

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  1. Sad to say there was so much contamination on the boiler paintwork that attempts to varnish it failed and 76084 will return to the Paintshop in November for a full boiler paintwork strip down and repaint including varnish coats to finish off