Sunday 29 March 2015

Sightings of 76084 in BR Days

Over the past few years we have been compiling a 76084 Sightings List on our website.

Just recently we have been able to add a significant number of new ones and for this we are indebted to shareholder Peter Eastham and his friend Bernard Bond (no relation to yours truly).

Bernard resided in Great Harwood close to the Goods Yard that sadly no longer exists there and is something of an expert on the 'Padiham Loop'. He has provided us with a few sightings in 1960 through Peter who has added his own to the list also. Peter has lived next to the Blackburn-Hellifield line for most of his life and regularly saw 76084 pass by on different duties bu primarily as the 'Whalley Banker'. As the line approaches Blackburn through the village of Langho there is a significant gradient and banking locos were provided to assist heavily loaded trains up and over this incline. From Peter's observations 76084 was a regular performer on this duty. So regular that Peter often neglected to record seeing her which is understandable.

Having put Bernard's and Peter's sightings into our list we have a total of 88 sightings.

But have a look at this chart which shows there are some significant gaps in her history.

So 88 sightings is good but there must be more out there. Did you see 76084 between April 1957 and December 1967? If you did we'd love to hear from you. Please don't be shy!!

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