Thursday 2 April 2015

A Day with 76084

Ever since 76084 returned to steam on the North Norfolk Railway one particular shareholder has had a longing to take a party of friends and family for a driver experience day on 76084.

On Wednesday, 25 March 2015 Jim Higman's wish came true. The 'party of friends and family' in the end came down to Jim and his son. The upside of the small party was that they both got to drive 76084 for 2 round trips and fire her for 2 more.

The photos show Jim next to 76084 at Sheringham ahead of a day's pleasant graft on the footplate and below Higman Jnr (sorry I don't know your first name) literally in the Driving Seat with a hand on the Regulator receiving instruction whilst passing through the Norfolk countryside. The observant amongst you will notice two handles for sounding either of the whistles that 76084 is currently fitted with.

76084 went on to provide motive power for charters on the following Thursday and Friday too.

Said Jim afterwards "The whole experience was wonderful. The North Norfolk Railway staff were very good and accommodating right from the 'Meet and Greet' to the end of the day. There wasn't a  cloud in the sky and I'm really pleased to now have first hand knowledge of how well 76084 performs."

Great weather, great railway, great loco - is that all the boxes ticked?

Driver Experiences at the North Norfolk Railway are popular the next available places being in late October but we cannot guarantee that it will be on 76084.

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