Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Winter Maintenance 2016 Week 2 Day 1

This year's Winter Maintenance programme is a special one as we prepare for main line running in Spring. So in Week 1 all the springs on the loco and tende were removed for testing and where necessary repair. That's 12 springs which are quite heavy and at time of removal quite filthy.
The springs being tested and repaired were returned to Weybourne last week and are much cleaner. So I have got involved.
Led by Mel Rutter and Dave Husband, the Engineering Team in this instance is made up of John Riley and Roger Norris with input also from John Oldcorn. And me!!
After a briefing session in the Messroom at Weybourne on Sunday having delivered the new parts to the workshop Monday was the start of the real work. Introductions to the very friendly and helpful North Norfolk Railway workshop staff over John R, Roger and myself (The Spring Team) set to on the tender springs.We were later joined by Steve Greeno and NNR volunteers Nicky and Kieran. After one or two minor delays - one caused by me misplacing an important part around mid morning we had all 6 springs in place by mid-afternoon.
I couldn't tell you what the rest of the Team did on Day 1 but when we left at 17:45 for a well-earned shower and meal the mood of the Team was high so the Team Leaders were pleased with progress. The main line 

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