Tuesday 16 February 2016

Winter Maintenance 2016 Week 2 Day 2

The Engineering Team have been busy today at Weybourne Workshops.
There have been lots of jobs done or started too many to list here but these are the highlights (or those jobs that I got personally involved in!!).

  • The loco was jacked at the front to enable the remaining springs to be refitted by Roger Noris, John Riley and Steve Greeno. 
  • The tender wheels have had white lines applied at 120 degrees on their rear surfaces as tyre slip indicators. 
  • The tender roller bearings have been filled with grease by John Oldcorn with help from his son Nat. 
  • I have painted the tender axles twice - once with primer and once with red undercoat.
  • Prep work has been done for the replacement of the front draw hook
  • and much more besides
We have had the help of nnr volunteers as well as the Workshop staff. The image shown here has Nicky Carter (volunteer) removing bolts form a cover whilst others manage to down a brew. Thanks Nicky and Ken for your efforts this afternoon. Tomorrow smokebox modifications so 76084 can claimto be 'SC' - self-cleaning.

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