Thursday 18 February 2016

Winter Maintenance 2016 Week 2 Day 4

I've spent a lot of time on the tender this week. Today I painted the axles (again) as well as giving the newly installed springs a quick coat of gloss. I've primed some new pipework underneath and grease all round.
Elsewhere the steam brake has been installed with help from the NNR paid staff. The expansion motion system has been neatly put together by Mel Rutter. Dave Husband has been working in the smokebox and getting filthy for his troubles. Roger Norris has been doing fitting work and John Riley sorting out the sanding boxes.
We had a visit from new acquiantences met the night before in what is becoming our favourite watering hole, the Lobster Inn in Sheringham. Lucy and Andrew were most impressed with what the North Norfolk Railway is doing and more especially what 76084 Loco co Ltd is doing with our engine.
This evening we met up with a 91 year old driver called Alex Scott who had us in ches with his tails of yesteryear. He has even fired on the Turbomotive (which will not mean much to many people but to those in the know is really something).
Last day tommorrow with lots to finish off. Will post lots of photos 

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